Lifetime Membership

The Booster Club thanks our Lifetime Members for their continuous support.

Ross Ball

Ryan Ball

Matt and Robin Billings

Ken and Mona Brownfield

Charles and Gena Campbell

James and Shelly Copeland

Stan and Cathy Knipp-Gochenour

Kevin and Shannon Griffy

Jason and Melissa Hundley

Chris and Shannon Jones

Bev Linhart

Collin and Sarah Marriott

Matt and Chastity Pethan

Bobbie "Pache" Renfrow

Lance and Leigh Anne Reynolds

Sue Robinson

Jesse and Kelly Rohrbach

Dr. Phil and Beth Rumbaoa

Scott and Kathryn Schuster

Chris and Kim Shikles

Greg and Tina Smith

Fred and Gayla Smith

Bruce and Jennifer Waibel

Mark Waibel and Amber Phillips

Gerry and Cynda West